Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thrive Forward!

Brendan Brazier
It's that time of year again: gyms are packed and extra moist, there are piles of health gimmicks at the front of every store and every other ad on television is someone talking about how they never thought they'd wear a bikini again. On the plus side, you have the support of approximately 98% of the population if you happen to want to go on a health kick on January 1st. 2013 brought an amazing new tool for those looking to increase their health and general well-being: Brendan Brazier's Thrive Forward. Brazier, super-athlete and founder of Vega, has put together a crash course in eating well. The focus is on progress versus perfection and on thinking about everything you're adding in, versus taking out. Also, it's personalized based on your goals! Want better sleep? More energy? A more resilient immune system? Thrive Forward has you covered. Each day, you watch a short video, read some supplemental materials and then receive a follow-up email. Oh, and it's free. Completely. You can watch every single video, read every article and not pay a cent. It's awesome.

While going through Thrive Forward, I've been off gluten, caffeine, sugar and booze, for a grand total of 15 days now. I haven't tried to break anyone's arm for coffee and my running is easier than ever, which is super fantastic. I love having the daily reminders of how eating well effects your body and then see that knowledge in action at the gym. Those who have read Brazier's Thrive won't find themselves covering much new ground, but since when is it a bad thing to be reminded to eat your fruits, veggies and whole grains? Never. Never is the answer. Check out Thrive Forward and be inspired to cram into the gym with everyone else!

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