Thursday, January 17, 2013

Supplies I want for my 26.2, or What have I done?!

Photo by Martineric
Let's cut to the chase: I registered for a marathon. This marathon, to be exact. I'm hoping that training above sea level with all the altitude will make things a bit easier, but, no matter what, I'm still going to be slapping my feet against pavement for 26.2 miles. While I'm actually feeling fairly confident about this endeavor (and the half marathon I'm running two weeks later...), there are some supplies I'd like to have to along the way:

New running shoes: Y'all, I overpronate a lot. When I get my gait tested, they put me in borderline orthopedic shoes. I don't get those shoes, but I get a very similar, but slighty more stylish version. I would like a new pair of them.
Compression socks: I've heard these help speed up recovery if you wear them pre, post and sometimes during running. Also, I can pretend I'm Cher from Clueless with my knee highs.
Arm warmers: I thought these were so stupid at first but now I get it! You can start out running in a long sleeved shirt and end in a tank top. Brilliant. Also, the ones linked have SPF, which is awesome! These are nice too.
Registration for That Dam Run Half Marathon: I'm running this as part of my marathon training. It'll be nice to end a long run with a medal and someone handing me a banana.
A new armband for my phone: I've never had to get rid of an armband due to it breaking or wearing out, it's always been that I can't handle how bad it smells because I am a stinky runner. The Armpocket looks jazzy and it can hold my my gels! This one is nice too.
FlipBelt: It looks like it won't move! I have a belt and it's terrible to run with because it either bounces all over or is uncomfortably tight. Luckily, it's great at amusement parks and anywhere else I want to avoid carrying a purse. The FlipBelt looks like it'll be docile.
Lush bath goodies: Epsom salt soaks become vastly more glamorous when you throw a bath bomb or a bubble bar in the mix.
New running clothes: Eh, why not? I'll certainly be using them.

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