Friday, July 29, 2011

New York Chicken & Gyro

Tucked away on Farman Street, just off the Old Market is vegan gyro heaven, located behind the unassuming storefront of New York Chicken & Gyro. While the name doesn't exactly make New York Chicken & Gyro sound vegan friendly, it definitely is. The gyro, shawarma and philly cheesesteak can all be made vegan and there are additional specials that can be made vegan or come vegan as is. I've gotten the gyro and the philly cheesesteak and both were outstanding. The seitan used in their sandwiches is made in-house, as well as the creamy sauce that is part of the gyro (it is vegenaise based). The philly cheesesteak also uses the house seitan and offers an extremely generous portion for the hungry among us. New York Chicken & Gyro offers up some of the best vegan sandwiches in Omaha and it would be a great place for omnis and veggies to break bread together. Stop in and get a gyro- maybe two.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whoa Wren goes west

Denver Museum of Nature & Science
I'm moving to Denver! In 18 days! I'm so excited about being able to explore a new city and everything around. I'm also excited about completing my transformation into a hippie, thanks to the prevalence of Tevas and nature. 300+ days of sun a year, here I come!

Also, if anyone has any tips on moving cats long distance or living in a 200 square foot studio, please share!

Monday, July 25, 2011

I love New York: Food Snaps 2

Second round of delicious food stuffs from New York. If it's pictured, I recommend it.
Lula's Sweet Apothecary- All vegan ice cream parlor

Papacitos- delicious Mexican street food with a good chunk of the menu available to be made vegan. I apologize for the horrendous quality of the picture, but it was dark and I really wanted to dig in.

Red Bamboo- Right off Washington Square Park, with a focus on faux meats and lunch specials Monday - Friday. I got the fish and chips and loved it.

Not pictured but highly recommended:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wishes Do Come True: My Adventures With Dosa Man

Many years ago, as a baby vegan, I was watching Food Network and saw a man. A dosa man. I dreamed of one day eating this man's dosas. Fast forward four years and I found myself in New York City, ready to dosa it up. However, when I arrived in Washington Square Park, there were no dosas to be found- dosa man was on vacation. Tragedy.

Undeterred, I returned this year, determined to eat my dosa. First visit: no dosa, vacation again. Second visit (and double checking via the discovery of Dosa Man's facebook page): success! I got my dosa! Waiting in the line for the truck, I selected the special pondicherry from the 100% vegan menu and then placed my order. Once I received my dosa, along with chutney and a tiny cup of soup, I sauntered over to the tiny dog park (it's a dog park for tiny dogs) to enjoy my dosa. Despite the 100° weather, I ate my steaming hot, crispy dosa and felt all my dreams come true via delicious potatoes and vegetables and chutney. If you go to New York, definitely take time hit up Dosa Man- nearby you can find the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Mark Twain's home and the Stonewall Inn.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I love New York: Food Snaps

Shockingly, I ate an abundance of delicious food in New York. Here are some snapshots from that adventure.

Sushi from Vine- get the vegetable sushi entree and get three rolls and salad for $13.50!

H & H Bagels- delicious bagels slathered with vegan cream cheese, best when eaten on the steps of The Met

Good To Go Organics Food Truck, featuring vegan hot dogs, located by Wollman Rink in Central Park

Delicious, filling vegan omelet at Organic Grill

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Heads Up: Mighty-O Donuts in Denver

Exciting news: The Capitol Hill location of Whole Foods (900 E 11th Avenue) now carries Mighty-O Donuts, all the way from Seattle. I selected a chocolate raspberry donut which was amazingly fresh and it was obvious the frosting was made from actual raspberries, not just

flavored to seem like it. These are definitely worth picking up for just $1.99 each and they are located in the baked goods case after the check-out lanes. I am unsure if other area Whole Foods carry these round orbs of joy, but it's something I'm more than willing to investigate. Until then, delicious donuts at Capitol Hill WF- check it out.