Sunday, May 9, 2010

La Buvette: Best Hummus Ever. Also, soup!

I know. The claim of 'best hummus ever' is a bold statement, but it's one I'm willing to stand behind. In no unclear terms, La Buvette has the best hummus I have ever eaten, anywhere. It is my gold, nay platinum,  standard of pureed chickpeas, garlic, tahini, lemon juice and olive oil. The hummus, and the bread it is served with, is freshly made and comes out with cornichon pickles, cucumber, tomatoes and tiny olives. The hummus itself is a thick, flavorful concoction that allows the hummus plate to be a meal unto itself. I will endlessly crave this hummus and have yet to find any other hummus that even comes close.

In other news in the world of La Buvette, there is a movement towards including more vegan soups on the daily menu. When I was last there, the soup was roasted red pepper and though I am not soup in general's biggest fan (but I am getting better about it), I still enjoyed it. It was light enough for an early Spring day, but still hearty and flavorful to complement the hummus. I'm extremely excited to see what else La Buvette comes up with. If their hummus is any indication of what their soup will be like, I'm about to be very spoiled.