Saturday, August 25, 2012

Qrunch Burger Salad

You guys remember Local Burger? Probably not, if you don't live in Kansas. That's okay, the important thing is that they have a burger salad, where they cook a burger of your choice and place it on a salad. This seemed weird to me at first, but the idea wormed itself back into my head about a week ago, "what if I take a Qrunch Burger and put it on a salad?" I decided to make my dreams come true and headed to Nooch Vegan Market to procure the necessary ingredients. This is the result:

A quinoa-based Qrunch Burger, farmers' market fresh tomatoes and peppers, lemon-avocado dressing, all on a bed of spinach. The only bummer is that I forgot a cucumber. Next time. It turns out that burger salads are pretty delicious and an easy way to make your salad a bit heartier. I especially love the Qrunchs because the little bits that crumble up are great for mixing with that extra dressing at the bottom of the bowl for a final treat. In sum, burger salads are a much better, and delicious, idea than I could have ever anticipated.