Monday, January 18, 2010

Mama's Pizza has Daiya Cheese!

When you burn the roof of your mouth, every time you touch it, you tend to think "stupid tea/coffee/panini/etc." I happen to be in a similar situation right now, with a burned palate, but somehow, every time I touch it or it hurts, I think "that pizza was so freaking good."

The pizza in question is a Daiya cheese pizza (with black olives) from Mama's Pizza, located at 715 Saddle Creek Road. The Saddle Creek location is the only one with Daiya, but it is a magnificent experience.

Prior to eating at Mama's, I had only had Daiya in the form of grilled cheese, and I was in love with it. I had heard negative things about the greasy mouthfeel Daiya on pizza, but my curiousity (and hunger) were too strong so I dragged my ever patient mother with me to Mama's to give the pizza a try.

The results? Excellent. My mom and I were raving about the pizza for the rest of the day. My mom eats dairy and she was totally down with the Daiya. The Daiya had a slight crust from being cooked and created a delicate crunch over an amazing layer of gooey cheese. Not only was the Daiya fabulous, but so was everything else. The pizza sauce was the perfect complement to the toppings, with strong overtones of onion and garlic mixed in among the tomato sauce and the crust was thick enough to stand up to the toppings without being so thick that it was all you could taste.

Overall, I'm pretty in love with Mama's Pizza and their Daiya cheese. I am loving the fact that Omaha now has two options for vegan pizza (three, if you include Whole Foods) and both are fantastic. Good show, Omaha.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Laos Thai Kitchen, I love you.

So, I love pad thai. LOVE it. I will suck down the stuff from the box (you know, the one you nuke for five minutes and then burn your hand when the container spills boiling water due to the flimsy design?) like it is a gourmand's wet dream. So, it should come as no shock to you when I become incredibly excited about the idea of eating pad thai in a restaurant, on an actual plate, without burning my hand.

It should come as even less of a surprise that if the pad thai is actually good, I am barely able to contain myself. At Laos Thai Kitchen, not only can I get the best spring rolls in Omaha, but I can also get myself some freaking fantastic noodles. Pad thai for me, of course.

The first time I went, I went with Alaina and we settled on splitting the spring rolls and the pad thai- no surprises here. I'm not going to say much about the food, restaurant or service because of the fact that I would only be repeating myself. Everything here is wonderful: food, service, restaurant. And yes, the pictures are of the actual food I ate.

As always, be sure to ask about non-vegan ingredients (egg, fish sauce, etc) but the staff is so lovely and friendly that you should be able to obtain all of your heart's (thai food related) desires.

Laos is located at 4520 South 24th Street in Omaha, NE in the back of a tiny grocery store. They are cash only, so be sure to stop by an ATM before you swing by. Thai places are always scary places for vegans, let alone vegans in the Midwest, but this one is fear-free and totally delicious. Try it.