Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whoa Wren goes west

Denver Museum of Nature & Science
I'm moving to Denver! In 18 days! I'm so excited about being able to explore a new city and everything around. I'm also excited about completing my transformation into a hippie, thanks to the prevalence of Tevas and nature. 300+ days of sun a year, here I come!

Also, if anyone has any tips on moving cats long distance or living in a 200 square foot studio, please share!


  1. Now why would you go and do that! Ok, seriously, Denver is beautiful so I'm a little jealous. Gonna miss you and Pudds :(

  2. This website sometimes has tips on decorating a small space:

  3. John- you guys will just have to come and visit me and Pudds!

    Valerie- Thanks! Love AT!

  4. too bad you're a vegan. i was going to recommend viva burrito!