Friday, July 29, 2011

New York Chicken & Gyro

Tucked away on Farman Street, just off the Old Market is vegan gyro heaven, located behind the unassuming storefront of New York Chicken & Gyro. While the name doesn't exactly make New York Chicken & Gyro sound vegan friendly, it definitely is. The gyro, shawarma and philly cheesesteak can all be made vegan and there are additional specials that can be made vegan or come vegan as is. I've gotten the gyro and the philly cheesesteak and both were outstanding. The seitan used in their sandwiches is made in-house, as well as the creamy sauce that is part of the gyro (it is vegenaise based). The philly cheesesteak also uses the house seitan and offers an extremely generous portion for the hungry among us. New York Chicken & Gyro offers up some of the best vegan sandwiches in Omaha and it would be a great place for omnis and veggies to break bread together. Stop in and get a gyro- maybe two.


  1. I haven't been to Omaha for years, this may give me the perfect excuse because I would (almost) kill for good vegan shawarma. I've never been able to replicate a dish that was prepared by a little old hole-in-the-wall Middle Eastern restaurant years ago before I went veg. 6 am here and my mouth is watering :-)

  2. I ate there today and it's still good!