Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wishes Do Come True: My Adventures With Dosa Man

Many years ago, as a baby vegan, I was watching Food Network and saw a man. A dosa man. I dreamed of one day eating this man's dosas. Fast forward four years and I found myself in New York City, ready to dosa it up. However, when I arrived in Washington Square Park, there were no dosas to be found- dosa man was on vacation. Tragedy.

Undeterred, I returned this year, determined to eat my dosa. First visit: no dosa, vacation again. Second visit (and double checking via the discovery of Dosa Man's facebook page): success! I got my dosa! Waiting in the line for the truck, I selected the special pondicherry from the 100% vegan menu and then placed my order. Once I received my dosa, along with chutney and a tiny cup of soup, I sauntered over to the tiny dog park (it's a dog park for tiny dogs) to enjoy my dosa. Despite the 100° weather, I ate my steaming hot, crispy dosa and felt all my dreams come true via delicious potatoes and vegetables and chutney. If you go to New York, definitely take time hit up Dosa Man- nearby you can find the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Mark Twain's home and the Stonewall Inn.

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  1. oh man. i want to visit the dosa man, too. yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!