Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week Two Vegan Round-Up

I've been bookmarking so many amazing things during this year's Mofo, but here are some recent favorites:

Salted Caramel Cupcakes: I'll take at least two, please. Look at the pretty topper!

Mac & Cheese Pizza: No words, just happiness and inspiration.

Pumpkin Throw-Up Oatmeal: I have a pretty strong stomach, so trust me when I say not to read this while you're eating.

Bloody Mary Biscuits: Not a huge fan of the drink, but I would be more than okay starting off a Sunday brunch with these.

Ultimate Vegan Sub: Can't argue with that.

What have been your favorites so far?


  1. haha. Thanks for putting the disclaimer, Lauren. I should have done that too :) And thank you for posting this--very cool of you! All of these posts are so great...

  2. That pizza looks so so so good! I can't even think about my favorites right now because I want that so much.