Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cyber Dogs and Warm Fuzzies

For me, eating a hot dog is not so much about the dog itself, but more about
using the dog as a method of transportation for my favorite toppings. Seattle's Cyber Dogs gets this. This vegetarian eatery, located within walking distance of Pike's Place Market offers up pretty much every hot dog topping known, from the humble mustard to hummus, Cyber-Dogs has it all. I throughly enjoyed my hot dog, which I had to eat with a fork, but more importantly, I loved the experience I had in the restaurant. The customer service went beyond superb into making me feel like I was sitting in my really cool friend's living room. I spoke with the owner at length about how awesome Bill Clinton's veganism is and about second hand treasures (she had just returned with an armful). I dine by myself a lot when I travel, so I truly appreciated how the staff at Cyber Dogs made me feel like part of the family. Sitting in a warm cafe in a strange town, with a crazy movie on mute, talking about how awesome veganism is after eating a great vegan dog- this is a perfect example of the connection I love experiencing in the vegan community. Nice work, Cyber Dogs.


  1. Awesome looking dog. We have a stand around here that serves and Asian dog with kimchee, wasabi mustard, and nori flakes. Maybe someday I'll get to Cyber Dogs!

  2. What's on that dog? Are those cukes or pickles?

  3. I LOVE Cyber-Dogs! My BFF and fellow-blogger go there often!! Very cool!