Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fried Food Festival: Highline Seattle

FYI: I'm giving away a case of Larabars over at Vegan Coloradical today! Come on down!

One of my favorite reality stars is best selling author Snooki of Jersey Shore. From the pouf to the slippers to the deep love for pickles, Snooki is a girl I could hang with. When I saw Snooki try fried pickles for the first time, I felt both joy and longing: joy for the enhancement Snooki's life had just received and longing, for where would I find a vegan fried pickle?

In an answer to my prayers, Highline in Seattle has an amazing,
100% vegan menu featuring all your favorite bar foods, including fried pickles. To celebrate this glorious occasion, Kelly and I ordered the fried pickles, seitan wings (buffalo wings with a cooler name) and a sandwich each, with my choice being a Reuben. I would like to note that neither of us was actually hungry when this order was placed.

The food arrived and, honestly, everything was wonderful. You can't really go wrong with fried vegan food, right? However, the fried pickles were the crowning glory of our meal. Round disks of crispy heaven with the delicate balance of salty and savory and juicy perfectly matched. Oh, little fried pickle disks, I shall dream of you until my return to your glorious home.

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  1. Oh my greatness! Those are the best looking fried pickles I have ever seen!