Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Round Up: True Blood Edition

PITA Vegan's Mofo Banner
While I normally do round ups from several blogs, this round up will focus on just one: That Pain in the Ass Vegan. Jen is awesome for doing a theme (True Blood) for the month of Mofo, but even more so because she is donating the money she receives for page views to local charities. All you have to do to help out is click on the links to her amazing creations to help her help local food bank and local humane association. Without further ado:

Sheriff Bellefleur's Beignets: Fried baked goods? Don't mind if I do.

Jason Stackhouse Po' Boy: I have a hard time saying no to a sandwich and this one looks unbelievable.

Debbie is on V Again: Chocolate, bananas, I'm clearly craving sugar today and these bars make that okay.


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