Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vegan Milestone: Loving Hut

 I've been fascinated with Loving Hut since my discovery of this vegan restaurant chain. Not only was I intrigued by the fact that a 100% vegan chain existed, I was also interested in trying a restaurant that offered both Asian cuisine and spaghetti. My experience with Loving Hut took place at the Seattle location, a sparkling clean restaurant located in the International District. For my inaugural order, I selected the spring rolls, lucky drumsticks and pad thai. I have no idea why I ordered so much food, but it was worth stuffing myself. The spring rolls were fresh with a side of peanut sauce and the drumsticks were the perfect, slightly greasy appetizer I've been searching for. I also enjoyed how the pad thai featured every type of fake meat the restaurant offers- no skipping the vegan ham or fish for me! My one caveat with Loving Hut was that my dining companion asked for her meal to be extra spicy, which was interpreted as "please cover it liberally with black pepper". Other than that, my meal was lovely, and I will definitely be checking out other locations in the future.


  1. Wow, those drumsticks are kind of scary looking, actually. We have a Loving Hut that just opened here, but I've yet to go. I'd probably go with something like those spring rolls, though. Love em.

  2. I can never say no to a good spring roll!

  3. I feel like one of the only vegans who still hasn't tried a Loving Hut, I think there are now 2 but they're no where near where I live.

    I love the look of the spring rolls and they're probably something I could order and the pad thai looks awesome too.