Friday, October 21, 2011

Feline Friday is mental with Kittens Gone Lentil

This week's feisty felines come from Susan of Kittens Gone Lentil. Susan herself dished out the details on these little buddies:
Dim Sim
Dim Sim is a tiny black pixie princess. Her greatest dream is one-cat world domination, where she is the one cat. She likes sleeping on her pink snuggie, drinking water out of my glass using her paw, rolling in warm dirt and smooching shoes.
Gizmo is my eldest girl. She has the most epic purr in the history of purrs. She likes sniffing catnip, having her belly rubbed, licking my plate clean and sneaking into the favourite sleeping spots of the others when they aren't looking.
Sahara is a cheeky little minx. She likes to be involved in all things all the time, and supervises me every morning as I get ready. She likes sharing my morning oatmilk, steamed broccoli, stealing food from the other cats' bowls and sniffing flowers.

Happy Feline Friday!