Sunday, October 23, 2011

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary is one of my favorite places on Earth. Located about 45 minutes outside of Denver, this place is a must-see. Full of rescued farm animals, Peaceful Prairie allows you to see animals as they were meant to be: content, safe and free. From Justice the cow to Lucas the pig, each animal has their own story and Michelle, one of the owners, knows every one by heart. They are a small organization, so each donation counts, and you can donate by clicking on the link to their home page- even five dollars helps. It's so amazing to watch llamas rolling casually on the ground while feeding a goat by hand. Below are some pictures from a recent visit to Peaceful Prairie, please consider donating to help out a small non-profit doing a great thing!


  1. I love the sleeping pig! And...what is that cow eating??

  2. Grapes! They do look kind of weird.