Monday, October 24, 2011

Uno, Dos, Tres Pupusas

If I've learned one thing, it is that a wonderful way to start your Sunday is with sunshine and Tres Pupusas. A pupusa is a thick, fried corn disks filled with delights, such as black beans and sweet corn, which is the vegan (and gluten-free) option at Tres Pupusas. It comes with side of cabbage salad and I always order it with guacamole and add a healthy does of hot sauce. Hot, crunchy on the outside and a surprisingly hearty meal, I love starting out my week by people-watching and eating my Tres Pupusas. Tres Pupusas are sold at select Whole Foods and have a permanent location in Boulder.


  1. Pupusas sound delicious, I'll have to try to make some soon.

  2. I have never had one but am intrigued. What's not to love--even the name is yummy.