Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Celestial Seasonings loves vegans!

 One of the great things about my relocation to Denver is that I am now only about 30 minutes away from Celestial Seasonings, which is located in Boulder. This means that I no longer have to pay full price for Celestial Seasonings and that if I want any tea-related paraphernalia, I'm all set. This also means that I've been on the free factory tour more than once, which is actually a blast. You receive tea packets as your tickets, and then you can taste test teas and kombucha until your tour starts, where you will learn all about tea, Celestial Seasonings and experience the somewhat intense and mysterious mint room. Celestial Seasonings offers both agave nectar and soy milk for their tea tasting area and sells Cocomels in their gift shop- a perfect way to begin and end your tour!

PS- I was interviewed for Buffy Tuesday at Seitan Beats Your Meat and Pudds (my cat) wrote a piece on what vegan foods he'd like to get his paws on over at Get Sconed. Check it out!
PPS- Did you know that Celestial Seasonings sells the lower quality tea leaves they don't use to Lipton? Seriously! Fun facts from the tour!
Sleepytime Bear veers dangerously close to drunk

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  1. That tour sounds awesome! I love factory tours for some nerdy reason, but I actually like Celestial Seasonings tea so that would be extra cool.