Monday, May 23, 2011

Dill and Green Garlic Pasta + More Running

For me, it isn't actually summer until I've had that first mouthful of fresh dill. This year's first mouthful was courtesy of the Aksarben Farmer's Market. Along with dill, I also picked up green garlic, cilantro, tomatoes and asparagus. When I got home, I boiled some whole wheat pasta and then proceeded to sautée the green garlic for a few minutes, then stirred in some dill, the juice of half a lemon and some diced fresh tomatoes. I stirred it all together and served it with a few cranks of pink salt. It was a great dish to begin the summer with, full of fresh dill, a mild garlic taste and bright with lemon. I also enjoyed eating it out of my favorite bowl, which smiles while you eat what is essentially his brain. Awesome. 
My bowl

As far as running, I'm back on the figurative horse. I'm still icing and elevating my knee but it feels much better and I've logged some trail time. I've moved onto the second week and as far as I can tell, each week's workouts seem to elicit the same reaction from me, as follows:
  • Workout One: *Silently praying for death*
  • Workout Two: I feel pretty darn good.
  • Workout Three: Ready for the next challenge, yo.This is schwag, yo (we all remember Manny the Hippie, right?).

I'm really looking forward to getting faster, but first I have to be able to do the distance. Anyone have good suggestions for music to run to?

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