Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tulsa is awesome: Whole Foods

As any true grocery store aficionado knows, not all Whole Foods are created equal. Sure, they may all have couscous and flax oil, but while one Whole Food may have a magical wall of a variety of salts, another may lack a bulk section altogether. This is why it's important to investigate every Whole Foods one comes across. I am happy to say that Tulsa's Whole Foods is worth your time. I didn't investigate it as throughly as I could have (I skipped the freezer and the refrigerated sections) but I was impressed.
I have to start with the fact there was a shelf of vegan cakes in the deli section. That's right. A shelf of vegan cakes. Multiple kinds of vegan cakes. There was also a vegan sheet cake of the cookies and cream variety to take home if you so desired. I settled for a single piece of cookies and cream cake, but other options included lemon blueberry and carrot cake. Another standout in their deli section was their buffalo mock chicken salad, which I ate by itself and definitely had deliciously addictive qualities.

In addition, there was not one, but two kinds of vegan queso, Nacho Mom's and Food For Lovers. I've mentioned Food For Lovers queso before, so it shouldn't be too surprising to discover that I bought four jars. That's just how I roll. I also purchased Chocolate Pirate's Booty, which I have yet to try.
There was also a case of frozen vegan taquitos. I didn't get any because I knew my chances of getting them home intact in the approximately seven hours that it takes to drive back to Omaha from Tulsa were slim but I really wanted them, almost as badly as I want a vegan taquito case at my local Whole Foods. Get on that, Omaha.

What's awesome about your Whole Foods? No secrets among vegans!


  1. Nice! I wish the Whole Foods in London stocked the Food for Lovers Queso, I can't wait to try it.

  2. Dude. It so rules. Totally worth my seven hour drive. Spicy mac and cheese is on the horizon!

  3. Hey there Lauren! I love your blog! :) I am an intern at Mercy For Animals in Chicago and was wondering if it would be possible to add you to our list of vegan food bloggers. We have up to date media releases involving movements in the vegan food/restaurant stuff. I would love to get your email if at all possible. :) You could email me at mfachicagointern@mercyforanimals.org. If you haven't heard of us, check us out at mercyforanimals.org. We have a lot of cool stuff going on. :)
    Also, sorry to use this as means to get your email address. I checked the site and couldn't find it. :)
    Keep up the great work!
    I love the idea for spicy mac and cheese.... YUMMMM!

  4. Tulsa is definitely the place to be for those who love farm fresh food since these ain't just available at stores, some even provide Tulsa local food delivery services!