Thursday, December 16, 2010

Me, I want a hula hoop...A Very Specific Gift Guide

Sometimes people are hard to buy for. Here's a helpful guide for that.

For the vegan Simpsons fan: "I Do Win Friends With Salad" T- Shirt from Vaute Couture. Form a conga line!

For your friend who is always cold but also lacks shame: The Coz-E Electric Blanket! It's basically the electric blanket version of a snuggie, which means it's basically awesome.

For your friend who has more TOMS than they can count: Socks For Happy People! When you purchase a pair of these socks, a pair is donated to a child in Mongolia. And the socks are so bright and fun!

For the person who loved Harry Potter so much that they have a lightning bolt tattooed on their forehead: The Magic Wand- Programmable Remote. Swish and flick because this channel stinks.

For the person who frames pictures of their pets: Trust me, based on how anxious I get when I leave Puddleglum alone, they will love the Pet's Eye View Camera, which attaches to their pet's collar and lets the owner check in on what their precious does all day.

For the philanthropic wine enthusiast: CellarThief wines provide 100 days of clean drinking water to people in need for each bottle purchased. Also, they focus on having a heavily edited selection of tasty wines, to make shopping easier.

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