Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do you see what I see: My favorite Christmas shows #5-#1

Carrying on from yesterday...

From Animated Toast
5) A Garfield Christmas Special: My dad hates this one because he thinks it promotes materialism. I love it, even though my dad clearly missed the message of Christmas being about love. I love the songs, I love how it features a cat. I also want to be like the grandma in this when I'm elderly.

4) Nutcracker: The Motion Picture: I love nutcrackers and actually have a collection of them at my parents' house. My favorite interpretation is this one, especially because most aspects of the design were left to Maurice Sendak. On a visual level alone, this movie is worth watching. A little bit trippy, occasionally scary and breathtaking overall. You can buy or rent it from Amazon here.

3) I Love Lucy Christmas Special: This episode of I Love Lucy has both a Christmas plot and several flashbacks of some fantastic moments in Lucy history. If you love Lucy, you'll love her Christmas special. If only the loving cup were included.

2) Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas: I adore stop motion animation and this special is full of it. Also, it's hosted by two dinosaurs and features the California Raisins. Most of the songs in this one are presented with a sense of humor, and are so fun to watch. Check out Herb's awesome 80's glasses.

1) Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special: My absolute favorite! It introduced me to Judaism, KD Lang and yo-yo tricks. I have this one on DVD and it's amazing. Not only is it Pee Wee at a hilarious, heightened level, but there are also many guest stars, from Cher to Grace Jones to Frankie Avalon to a bunch of marines. Seriously, Oprah pops up. It's crazy. This special is one for the ages. Also, Pee Wee learns a lesson.


  1. I FORGOT ABOUT THE CLAYMATION CHRISTMAS SPECIAL UNTIL YOU POSTED THIS! We used to watch that all the time as kids! I also liked The garfield Christmas special. My family and I always say "Ooooooh, ahhhhh" when we light up the Christmas tree, in imitation of the Arbuckles.

  2. I don't hate the Garfield special, I hate Garfield! What's there to like? I did, however, predict the top three. That good old grainy video tape was our yule log!

  3. Sarah P- I love Claymation so hard. My favorite part is a toss-up between the walruses ice skating and the bells. Least favorite? Joy to the World, easy.

    Dad- Sure.