Friday, August 27, 2010

WhoaWren + Staple Gun = Success!

I've been feeling a little under the weather this week, and I'm finally starting to feel a bit better. What better way to celebrate than with a little light upholstery work? My mom recently gave me her old dining room table. It's a fantastic piece because it opens up to twice it's size, making it perfect for projects and dinner parties. However, the fabric covering the chairs didn't match the decor of my apartment. So, I popped the cushions out, staplegunned my little heart out and wound up with....

Left: Before, Right: After
I'm pretty happy with the results- if you want to know the step by step instructions, check it out after the jump.

This project was super easy and fast, so if you have chairs similar to this and need a change, this is the way to do it.

Sturdy fabric (not linen or lace, sturdy) - I used a yard and a half of cotton
Staple Gun/Upholstery tacks and a hammer
Something to protect your eyes (I just wore my glasses)
The assurance that there is some sort of sturdy board within your chair cushion

Way too much fabric, but that's okay!
1) Take your cushions out of the chairs and measure your fabric. You want each piece that you cut out to be big enough to cover the cushion with some excess. It's a lot easier to cut off extra fabric than to cut it too small, struggle with it and then have to make another run to the fabric store. Please look at my example to the right for how it's done.

2) Prepare your staple gun. Safety note: always know what your power tool looks like in the on and off position, make sure you know how to use it correctly and that you protect your eyes while you work with it. I also unplug it when I refill the staples. If you are using tacks and a hammer, just keep your eyes covered.

3) Attach the fabric. I left the old covers on because it was actual upholstery fabric and I wanted it backing up my new stuff. Make sure that the fabric is straight (should it have a pattern). Holding it taut, attach it using whatever method you've got. I went for top, then bottom, then the sides, then the corners.You'll have to maneuver the fabric around the corners so that it looks nice, but you're smart and can figure it out.

4) Put the cushions back in and enjoy how lovely your chairs look.

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