Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New York City Food: Part One of ????

I just took the most amazing trip to New York City for the first time. Everything about it was incredible. In fact, I procrastinated on blogging about it because I simply did not know where to start. So, with a deep breath, please allow me to dive right in.

My journey into the foods of New York began with a trip to Peacefood Cafe. Ignoring the name, this place is excellent. I had the creamy chickpea fries (pictured above) and the seitan medallion sandwich (right), which is a sandwich worth $12. Seriously. Alice and I had to take home leftovers, along with a tiramisu to go. Highly recommended, and it is very close to the American Museum of Natural History, for your planning purposes.

 The next day was the hottest day of the trip. Thankfully, it was also an extremely fun day, and filled with fabulous food. The lovely Gwen of What I Wore took me shopping, eating and comedy showing. Store-wise, I loved Old Hollywood and Beacon's Closet (APC dress for $30!), but I'm focusing on food right now. Gwen took me to Boneshakers, where I had the Club Racer and she had the tuna melt. I had honestly intended to order something other than the Club Racer but it was so hot that I just ordered the first thing I saw on the (intimidatingly) large menu. Luckily, Boneshakers came through and gave me an excellent, filling sandwich and a wine bottle full of water, just what this girl always needs.

Dinner was at Foodswings, which meant buffalo wings! They had a little wooden skewer in the middle to really create that drumstick effect. I also got the Butterfinger shake, but neglected to take a picture because it was so freaking hot that I started drinking it the second I got it. Definitely get something other than water to go with those drumsticks- you'll want to cut the heat a bit.

The following days meals consisted of grapes on the steps of the Met (thanks to Blair Waldorf for that idea) and dinner at Vegetarian Dim Sum. I didn't get any pictures because I was already late and didn't want to ask everyone to wait just a little longer so I could take pictures, but let me give you some advice: the treasure balls are better than the treasure boxes, and the shrimp dumplings taste eerily like shrimp.

My next meal took place at the severely under-rated Organic Grill and since this is getting long and I'd like to wax poetic about my vegan omelet (just you wait!), you will have to wait, breathlessly, for the next installment.

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