Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New York City Food: Part Two of ????

I won't lie: the majority of the time I was in New York, I had songs about the city running through my head. Remember me to Herald Square indeed.

Fortunately, I was also full of delicious food when I was there. This leads to part II of the food I ate on my trip to NYC.

When I last left you, I briefly mentioned that I ate vegan omelets at the underrated Organic Grill. This has not changed. I had heard nothing about the Organic Grill prior to arriving in New York, despite years of menu reading, and only went when my dear friend Alice suggested we brunch there. I have no idea why I haven't seen this place all over the internet. Not only do they have a Disney-esque exterior, spacious bathrooms, delicious food and servers with charming accents, they have customizable vegan omelets. You pick your fillings and can even add vegan cheese that is cooked perfectly. I went for kale, black olives, white mushrooms and "mozzarella". The omelet at first seems a little spendy, clocking in around $10, but you get an enormous omelet, a generous side of home fries, some toast and the ability to go without eating until seven that evening. Anyway, go here, blog it, tweet it, make it big. Totally worth it.

Dinner that night was at Curly's, located by Union Square and Trader Joe's- good to know if you plan on shopping in the area. I opted for the buffalo burger and fries. I didn't get a picture because, um, I forgot to take one, but I will tell you this: ask for extra napkins if you order this guy. Also, bring your crayons and creativity, because you can color on the placemats here. Awwwww yeah!

The next morning saw me introduced to my first NYC bagel and my first foray into tofu cream cheese. Both were a success, and were obtained at The Bagel Store. It was a salt and vinegar bagel with tofu vegetable cream cheese. It was good. Here is a picture (you don't need me to explain a bagel, do you?).

Dinner that evening was at Angelica Kitchen. I ordered the marinated tofu sandwich, and it was one of the most perfect sandwiches I have ever eaten. Light but filling with delicate flavors that mingled incredibly well. The vegetables on it were also marinated, so they weren't as crisp as I thought they would be, but they added an unexpected flavor that I really enjoyed. Evan was also kind enough to bring me danishes and a mini loaf of banana bread made with raspberry chocolate- best dessert ever.
Next time: Lula's, Candle Cafe and Soy and Sake. A trio of awesome!


  1. Oh my god, it's so adorable that you had songs of the city in your head. Why did you not sing them aloud and march beside me??

  2. I love that so many bagel shops in NYC offer tofu cream cheese...and different flavors as well!!! My favorite is a pumpernickel bagel with veggie tofu cream cheese :)

  3. Alice- you would have killed me because I only know a few lines of each song.

    Sarah-Mai- it was amazing! I'm glad I didn't get hooked early on or I wouldn't have eaten anything else.