Sunday, April 11, 2010

10 Things...that make me happy

My lovely friend Gwen over at What I Wore tagged me for this, so now I have to tell you ten things I need a theme though, so here are ten things that make me happy.

1. Puddleglum makes me happiest. Don't act surprised. I adopted Puddleglum from Town and Country Humane Society, a local no-kill shelter last summer. I was going to name him Clive Staples or Miskatonic, but neither seemed to fit, so he became Puddleglum instead. Puddleglum now sleeps next to me in bed and enjoys Brita water, catnip and near constant petting. He's also getting leash trained. Lucky kitty.

2. Layovers in airports. As a wee girl, I had a children's book about what it was like to fly on an airplane. I was a child possessed. I longed for exit aisles, souvenirs and kindly flight attendants. To this day, I love wandering around airports, looking at cheap gifts and people watching, waiting for my flight to take off because of that book.

3. Brothers. Duh. Megatouch for life.

4. Sushi, especially the Tofu Yasai Maki from Matsu.

5. Sunday brunch at McFoster's. Yes, I complain about how slow brunch is. Yes, I complain about how hit and miss the tofu scramble is. Yes, I worry if the guy behind the bar is the one who harasses vegans. Yes, sometimes the hash browns are green. However, few things are better than re-hashing the previous night while basking in the sun on their patio while nursing a strawberry chocolate malt.

6. Back to airports: I really love having books that I keep around to read while traveling because the covers are creepy and I can bust them out to prevent conversation when I'm not in the mood. Here's an example. This is another. Sometimes you just don't feel like talking.

7. Thrifting with Alaina. I heart getting new (to me) things for a minimal amount of money and Alaina is the bestest person to do it with.

8. Diet soda. I love my soda and you can pry it out of my cold, dead hands. I know that it is full of chemicals and that it is totally toxic, but diet sodas are my cigarettes, so whatev. Plus, I can indulge on them indoors in the winter. SCORE.

9. The Shangri-Las. So much more than "Leader of the Pack". I love them almost as much as Del Shannon, who was an absolute childhood obsession of mine. Tragic oldies will always have a place in my heart.

10. Omaha. I never, ever thought I would love living in Nebraska, but it turns out I super love living in Omaha. I was sitting on some steps in the Old Market, waiting for Alaina to get her coffee, and I realized that if I was sitting on these steps as part of a vacation, I would be wishing that I lived in this fine town. Omaha constantly steps it up with everything I've ever wanted in a city: great vegan options, fabulous music scene, lots and lots to do, great vintage and thrift shopping and a Whole Foods, plus a low cost of living. Also, living in the middle of the country allows me to be within a day or two of driving to anywhere in the lower 48. Rad for random road trips. However, what I love most about living here is the people. People are so kind and genuine and welcoming that I immediately fall in love with every person I meet (sentiment ends here). I am always amazed at how much I love living here.

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  1. If by "tragic oldies" you mean a hundred songs about losing your teen love in a car/motorcycle crash, then YES.


    And yes, I mean when one or both of the teenagers dies in a tragic crash. Last Kiss, anyone?