Friday, June 26, 2009

Nebraska Vegans May be Spoiled: Part Three

The image to the left is of mojitos. The mojito is a tasty summer drink made out of mint leaves, simple syrup, lime juice, club soda and rum. These particular mojitos are also organic, with locally grown mint and with simple syrup made in-house. Interested?

What if I told you that while these organic mojitos are available in the summer, there is another equally tasty drink available during the winter months? Does that pique your interest? What if that drink was hot rum and cider? Would you want to know what wonderful, magical place had these drinks?

Well, you're in luck. These delightful concoctions are from Brothers Bar in Omaha, located at 3812 Farnam St. Please note that this Brothers has absolutely no affiliation with the Brothers Bars in Lincoln or Lawrence. This means that the popped collars and hot wings you may be associating with Brothers are now null and void. This Brothers is vastly superior, with a fantastic jukebox full of punk music, a pool table, pub games, darts and the nicest staff I have ever encountered at a bar. The atmosphere is also wonderful. I have never felt like I had to guard my butt from being grabbed or that I was in danger of immediate gropage. There is a laid back atmosphere overall, and it is immediately apparent upon entering Brothers that you should grab a drink and a seat (there is almost always one available) and sit back and relax.

But let's go back to how wonderful the staff is. Not only do they make the strongest, yet most delicious, drinks I've ever had, they will actually come out from behind the bar to take your order and have it waiting for you when you get to the counter. Seriously. It's amazing. If you are having trouble deciding what you want, instead of getting an eyeroll, you are handed a menu of their specialty drinks and given suggestions with a smile. The drinks are also cheap, which doesn't hurt.

So yes, this post may not be specifically vegan, but vegans in Nebraska are definitely spoiled by having this bar in their figurative backyard. Fantastic staff, amazing, cheap drinks (try the Moscow Mule!), great atmosphere, impressive jukebox and a location across the street from McFoster's make this bar in the bar that I like to spend my money and time at. So come support one of Omaha's best local bars. I know I will be!

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