Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nebraska Vegans May be Spoiled: Part Four

Vegans have long resigned themselves to only being able to enjoy a select few rolls of sushi at most restaurants: the avocado roll, cucumber roll, veggie know the drill. However much I love those plain avocado rolls, sometimes I just want a little more variety. I shoot jealous sideways glances at my friends who are having a difficult time deciding between all their different fish filled rolls, while I made my decision within 30 seconds. Avocado roll and an inari, please.

This is why I'm constantly thankful for Matsu Sushi, located at 1009 Farnam Street, in the beautiful Old Market. Out of the 23 vegetarian rolls available, an astounding 21 rolls can be made vegan. Simply ask that the tempura be rolled in oil rather than egg, and you are good to go. Going there is a deliciously overwhelming experience. My favorites include the tofu yasai maki, which includes lightly fried tofu, green onions and peanuts, and the yasai maki, which includes cucumber, avocado and tempura battered asparagus and sweet potato. The next roll I intend to try is the mangotini, a concoction of mango, various veggies and no rice, all wrapped in nori.

My one caveat with this restaurant is that the service is not...brisk. Thankfully, the atmosphere here is very relaxing and the music is quiet enough that you can talk to everyone at your table. In short, bring someone you truly enjoy having conversations with, order an appetizer of edamame and then simply enjoy the evening as it happens.

The next time you are craving something beyond your basic cucumber roll (which is all the time for me), definitely hit up the Omaha's own, local Matsu Sushi.


  1. Have you had slow service everytime you've gone there? It was just that one time for me, every other time has been... Brisk! =)

  2. Yeah, it was slow for me every time. Better than that one time at McFoster's though...

  3. That sushi looks great, I wish I had somewhere like that near me!