Monday, October 12, 2009

Herby Fully Loaded

I've sung the praises of Night Flight Pizza before, but after my most recent order, I have to do it again. I usually go with the Woodstock pizza, Teese-y bread or the TLT (not currently listed on the menu, but they usually have it). However, I was browsing the menu online and noticed the pizza called 'Herby'. I immediately called to verify that it could be made vegan and then (spoiler alert!) ordered myself a pie.

Herby comes with Teese cheese, artichokes, fresh tomatoes, and pesto. The best part of this pizza is how the Teese melts and mixes with the pesto, creating a creamy, cheesy sauce with a hefty amount of basil in every bite.

I love you, Night Flight Pizza. Forever. Thank you for delivering me pizza at three in the morning, seven at night and any time at all.


  1. Woah that looks like a seriously awesome pizza. I can't get vegan cheese pizza delivered to me here ever let alone at 3am - JEALOUS!

  2. night flight is cool. their vegan cookies are AMAZING.