Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nebraska Vegans May be Spoiled: Part Two

Some people say that vegetables are a staple of their diets, others say carbs. I say pizza. I have a deep, passionate love for that delectable crust with savory or sweet toppings. People often question how I eat pizza as a vegan, but pizza has only become a better and more creative food the longer I am vegan. From creating my own cheese to trying new and different toppings (next: sauerkraut), vegan pizza is a neverending vat of possibilities and delicious.

However, sometimes a girl doesn't want to go to the trouble of making her own. Sometimes you just want that goodness delivered to you. This is where Night Flight comes in. Night Flight (402-342-4500) makes fantastic pizza from 4pm to 4am, and will deliver out to 120th. As the business is vegan owned and operated, pretty much anything on the non-vegan portion of their menu can be made vegan; they even have Tofutti cream cheese for a topping! Additionally, all vegan items are prepared in their own area and kept in their own freezer. Yes, no cross contamination worries! Yay!

Night Flight also has amazing vegan cookies available. From banana chocolate chip to ginger to double chocolate (the one pictured) to (my favorite) frosted sugar cookie, these are the best cookies in town. I have been known to wait in the dining area for the sugar cookies to be placed in the oven, baked, cooled and frosted. Yes, they are that good. Definitely a wonderful end to a beautiful meal of pizza.

I have loved Night Flight from the first time I enjoyed their pizza. Amazingly, it just got better. One exciting addition is their integration of Teese cheese onto their pizza. For those of you who have (sadly) never had Teese, it is a melty vegan cheese that tastes very, very, very good. Night Flight is taking advantage of this by using Teese not only on their pizza, but also on their new vegan cheese sticks! One of the things I had been missing as a vegan was good cheese sticks, but no more, thanks to Night Flight. I look forward to many late night orders of these bad boys.

Also, there is a whole slew of vegan options on the menu, from an AMAZING tempeh, lettuce and tomato to Boca Burgers, there is a chance that if you want it, Night Flight just may have it. The TLTs they make are intensely delicious and if it was a buffet, I would eat about seven. The vegan crabcakes they have are the fish replacer that I have been searching for since I was in eighth grade. Perfectly reminiscent of good fish, without that nasty garbage smell or having to kill anything. With any luck, I will someday have pictures of these items for you. Hopefully these items will show up on the menu soon, but go ahead and order and savor them. I know I do.

PS- For those of you with gluten issues, Night Flight is also working on developing a vegan, gluten free crust that will also have a separate mixer. Yay!

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