Monday, May 25, 2009

What was on my Clean Plate this week.

I know I've mentioned Clean Plate before, but since I love the food so much, I've decided to talk about what I eat there every week. I'm sorry that I have to make everyone who doesn't live in Nebraska jealous, but that just means you should come try it yourself.

Without further ado...

I will start this by telling you a secret about myself: I hate cumin. Obviously, by a "secret", I meant something that everyone knows about me. I really do hate cumin though. I have thrown up from smelling it. This is a downer since so many dishes contain cumin. Because of this, I have long avoided curries and such because a touch too much cumin will ruin an entire dish for me. That being said, I got a little nervous when I heard that this week's Clean Plate was going to be Indian Food. However, I knew that despite my cumin hatred, Elle would still create something amazing.

My premonition was right: cauliflower samosas with mint chutney, one of two curries I've ever liked with awesome lemon rice, a cucumber salad, a mango salad, rose lassi and an avocado lime tart. There were also the traditional waffles. Everything was wonderful as always, and it was great to have food that was spicy, but not just to be hot. This meal definitely had a kick to it, but it was all in the flavor. The heat never made my mouth hurt or my nose run, it just made me appreciate the food even more. I was also excited about how awesome the curry was. I tend to turn my nose up at curries, but this one, especially with the addition of kale, made me want to go back for more. Unfortunately, the table was so busy with people getting food, that it seemed rude to barge in for seconds while people were getting firsts. However, I was glad to see so many people out enjoying Elle's work. Once again, it was an amazing week for Clean Plate brunch.


  1. i have the problem with anise/coriander/fennel (though i've never ralphed because of it) and that's why i'm always cautious when it comes to Indian food.
    i'm jealous of your Clean Plate!