Thursday, May 7, 2009

Food I Love: Wildwood Probiotic Soymilk

Here's my dirty secret: I really love smoothies in the morning, but I am too lazy and sleepy to clean a blender right after I wake up. I know, I'm totally lame. This is also the reason I drink a Diet Coke in the morning, instead of coffee. I'm lazy. However, Wildwood has come to my rescue by providing me with their delicious Probiotic Soy Milk. Not 100% smoothie-esque, but close enough for me right after I roll out of bed. If I could get a caffeinated version, life would be perfect.

I first discovered this product at the 2009 Gathering, courtesy of The Post Punk Kitchen. I had it and I was in love. I needed more. I loved the creamy texture, tasty, tasty flavor and the fact that I no longer had to waste time chewing. Therefore, I was delighted to find these gems for sale at my nearby Hy-Vee. The flavors I purchased were blueberry, pomegranate and mango passion fruit. There's also a vanilla flavor available, but since I'm that kind of girl, I opted out. The drink itself is akin to drinking yogurt, which could be gross, but Wildwood pulled it off and created a product that is creamy and filling. The flavors are strong enough to differentiate themselves and be recognizable, but they aren't overwhelming. I am in love with this product and will most likely be adding this product to my regular breakfast rotation.

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