Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vertical Diner: Salt Lake City has vegan game

This week is all about vegan indulgence- my boyfriend and I are
in Portland for Vida Vegan Con- extra vegan, all the time. We opted to drive and were psyched to try out one of Salt Lake City's multitude of vegan options. We wound up at Vertical Diner, a vegan greasy spoon, a welcome change from the typical sad bowl of oatmeal as the vegan option at diners. This is full on comfort food- think biscuits and gravy, pancakes, tofu scramble and potatoes. They do offer lunch and dinner options, but I was focused on breakfast, and my focus rewarded me. Savory tofu scramble and fluffy biscuits with creamy gravy on top were the perfect fuel to carry me through to Portland. An added bonus is that Vertical Diner is cheap- my tofu scramble and biscuits and gravy were $6. Unbelievable. If you're passing through the area, Vertical Diner is a quick trip off the interstate and absolutely worth the stop for the weary road warrior.

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  1. I was in Portland for Vida Vegan Con as well and "extra vegan all the time" is the best way to describe it :-) I wouldn't think there to be options in Salt Lake City, so this is good to know!