Monday, March 25, 2013

Update: Watercourse Foods still delicious

I've loved Watercourse Foods for years, as evidenced here, and I'm pleased to report that it is still awesome. Living here means that I can try lots of things on the menu, and every trip here is a joy. My new obsession are their nachos, made super vegan with both daiya and vegan chipotle aioli, with a side of green chili. The key with these nachos is that the toppings are layered throughout, resulting in a well rounded nacho experience. You don't have to worry about that heart-wrenching moment when you realize that you just have sad tortilla chips on a plate. I don't feel like I need to acknowledge that these nachos are amazing, based on the fact that I've already mentioned they have daiya, chipotle aioli and green chili, among other toppings.

Another delicious discovery I've made is the Po Boy. It usually comes on a kaiser roll, but I get it on their magical gluten-free bread. Laden with polenta-encrusted artichoke hearts, lemon-caper aioli and coleslaw, this sandwich manages to both refreshing on a hot day, and comforting on a cold one. Also, you get two sides, so there's no way you're leaving hungry. The sides pictured here are the steamed kale and tomato coconut curry soup. While I highly encourage anyone travelling through Denver to eat the buffalo seitan wings, I also encourage you to save a bit of room for the other culinary wonders that Watercourse offers.


  1. Wow, everything looks delish'! I can't wait to come to Denver one day!

    1. You can come stay with me! I'll take you to delicious places and we can look at mountains!