Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, New Books: Robopocalypse and The Great Fitness Experiment

While writing about my favorite books in December, I came to two conclusions:

1) I need to read more.
2) I need to read more new books instead of repeating my favorites over and over. 

I tend to become very attached to the characters in books, and I like to re-read the books in order to interact with them again. So, my new year's resolution, inspired by my friend Alice, is to read at least 52 new to me books this year. Obviously, I will blog about them and let you know my opinion. Here are my first two books:

Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson: I loved this book. The story of the inevitable robot uprising and the humans who fight back against it. Fast paced, written in a variety of styles (storytelling, transcripts, interviews), I tore through this book in about two days. Highly recommended. It also looks like Steven Spielberg is directing the film version of this, so I have high hopes. Don't let me down, Stevie. 

The Great Fitness Experiment by Charlotte Hilton Andersen: I thought I would love this book. I was wrong. While the premise of the book isn't inaccurate (lady tries a different fitness routine each month for a year), it also details her struggle with compulsive exercising and disordered eating. Super uncomfortable to alternate reading about her finding out high intensity interval training burns the most fat while going to therapy for her eating and exercising. I mostly just wanted to give her a hug and have a stern discussion with her publisher. 

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  1. I'll take a virtual hug:) Thanks for reading my book anyhow, Lauren! I totally understand that it can be really uncomfortable to read. Bad news: it was a crazy year of my life! Good news: I've gone through eating disorder treatment and am doing really well now (and still doing fitness experiments - although these days I don't weigh myself or measure anything like body fat %. It's just about the fun factor now!) I hope you have a great 2012!