Monday, January 16, 2012

Neat Market and Vegan Van: Be jealous of Denver

This Sunday, Denver witnessed a magical event: Neat Market, put on by Plants and Animals Denver. What was so magical about it? Soy curls, Cleo's, donuts, purses, and almost any other vegan delight you could ever want was available- P & A's inaugural pop-up vegan market was a rousing success. I left with a full belly and a full bag of goodies. The next one can't come fast enough- my treats won't last long.

Stationed outside of the market was Denver's Vegan Van, our all vegan food truck. I enjoyed the Planet Rock, which was crispy buffalo tofu and coleslaw on a hefty roll, alongside some popcorn while my mom enjoyed the Car Wash, a sandwich of beer battered tofu and dill tartar sauce. I will most likely become a stalker of the Vegan Van, as this was some of the best buffalo tofu I've ever had- and I am an expert. Delicious food, fabulous service and popcorn on the side, how could I ever say no?

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  1. You bet I'm jealous of Denver! I love the idea of a Neat Market and how can you NOT be jealous of an all vegan food truck?!