Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yay for Yia Yia's!

The bread is also vegan. Score!
My love for Yia Yia's pizza goes back to eighth grade, the first time I ate at their establishment. Cozy, a little bit dark, with outstanding food, Yia Yia's has held a place in my heart from the first time I took a bite of their pie. I've always loved Yia Yia's for the fact that you can order by the slice, preventing any topping related fracas among friends, but also allowing you to try crazy combinations (sauerkrauts, potatoes and almonds, anyone?) without committing to the whole pie. My love for Yia Yia's was finally cemented when I found out that they had vegan cheese for their pizza. As a new vegan, I had condemned myself to a sauce-only existence when it came to dining out, but Yia Yia's showed me the light and I now know better.

Up until a week ago, I thought I couldn't love them any more. I was wrong. They introduced a whole wheat crust. The new crust is thick, a major change from their traditional thin crust. It's also fantastic. It held up perfectly to the onslaught of ingredients I requested on my pie (black olives, sauerkraut and garlic), without overpowering their flavors. The thick wheat crust is a welcome option at Yia Yia's and will most likely be my go to from now on.

Yia Yia's is located at 14th and O Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. It's a great place to take anyone- friends, family, meat eaters, vegans and picky eaters. Seriously, I've never heard anyone say they don't like Yia Yia's.


  1. I do not like the fact that Yia Yia's is too far away for me to try it tomorrow. Is that at least allowed?

  2. That pizza looks awesome! Sounds like a great place!