Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Pitch for Pitch Pizzeria

I've been hearing about how great Pitch is ever since it opened. Located in the Dundee neighborhood of Omaha, it offers a low key setting for some tasty, coal fired pizza. The menu offers one accidentally vegan pizza, the marinara, which features marinara sauce (duh, right?), oregano and roasted garlic. The pizza is simple, and not super photogenic, which is why the picture also features my roommate, but it is delicious. The simple flavors come together perfectly, all on top of an awesome crust. Really, how can you go wrong with tomato, garlic and oregano? I'm looking forward to trying some of their other options, such as the veggie pizza made vegan or a creation of my own. Another thing I liked about Pitch was the giant bottle of water left on the table so that you can refill your drink at your own desire. I hate waiting for refills, and this bottle was extra perfect because it has a top, so it is harder for me to spill. Though I wish they offered a vegan cheese on the menu, I will definitely go back to Pitch because I love pizza and I love local restaurants that I can eat at with my dad.


  1. That looks really yummy!
    And I love your roommats glasses!!
    What brand are they?

  2. Love Pitch - the veggie pizza can be veganized and it's heavenly! They're also super friendly about veggie requests :)