Thursday, October 28, 2010

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Growing up, Saturday nights meant SNICK. SNICK was an amazing smorgasbord of shows, with my favorites being All That (still funny on youtube) and Are You Afraid of the Dark? Certain episodes would keep me up all night and it remains one of my favorite shows. Since it's perfect for Halloween, here are my top five episodes. I linked all the episodes for you (and for myself) for easy access.

  1. The Tale of the Laughing in the Dark: Oh man. Zeebo. The 'Z' in the pudding. The dish of burnt cigars. A surprisingly effective tale of a dead clown taking revenge on a boy who stole his nose. Scarier than it sounds.
  2. The Tale of the Pinball Wizard: A boy (teenaged?) loves to play pinball, even though he isn't  deaf, dumb or blind. Loves it so much that he plays on a machine that is forbidden to him. When he plays on it, the game becomes real and he must battle his new enemies to crown the princess. The ending is a doozy.
  3. The Tale of the Midnight Madness: This episode prevented me from sleeping for at least a month. A creepy, creepy vampire enters the real world through the movie screen and seeks out victims. Edward Cullen this isn't.
  4. The Tale of Watcher's Woods: Two girls accidentally enter an evil forest and come face to face with girls who disappeared decades ago and have learned witchcraft. This one stuck with me too.
  5. The Tale of the Dead Man's Float: An invisible force is trying to drown people. Scary enough on it's own, but when that force becomes visible, watch out. Bonus points for a tragic depiction of the school janitor.
Bonus: It's Ryan Gosling in The Tale of Station 109.1! He's a kid obsessed with death! However will he learn!

Who else is in the mood for an AYAOTD (Are You Afraid of the Dark?) marathon? If you need me, I'll be in front of my television, possibly hiding behind a blanket.


  1. Thanks for remembering me! Ha! Ha! Ha!
    your friend,

  2. Aaaaand I'm totally going to watch all of these.

  3. Z- Get back to work.

    Mo- I'll bring my DVDs to Vida Vegan and we can have an AYAOTD slumber party and eat donuts and tings!

  4. Hehe..the kids I used to babysit loved this show ;)

  5. You should love it too! It's the best.

  6. The Tale of Watcher's Woods totally freaked me out when I was first saw it and it's always stuck with me too! I used to love Are You Afraid of the Dark and Eerie, Indiana as well if you ever watched that.