Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Seward Cafe

In my childhood, a treasured breakfast was the sausage, egg and cheese sandwich. While this meal is easily veganized, I prefer to have it made for me to ensure that it feels like a true indulgence. My favorite version is the tofu mock muffin at Seward Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Seward Cafe is the perfect place to have a lazy brunch, especially if you can grab a spot on their lovely back patio. The birds back there are pretty bold though, so you might want to skip it if birds freak you out. The tofu mock muffin is a comforting combination of creamy soy cheeze, savory 'sausage' and filling tofu steaks. When ordered with the homemade hashbrowns, it's an incredibly tasty and satisfying breakfast.
On my last trip to Seward Cafe, I also treated myself to a dessert. I want to say this was called a Jupiter Bar, but I honestly have no idea. It was something space related. The important part was that it was delicious. The bottom part was akin to a peanut butter infused rice krispie bar, with sunflower seeds sprinkled throughout. The top was chocolate. Seriously good. I was way too full after eating both my breakfast and my dessert, but it was absolutely worth it.
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Seward Cafe is one of those places I always feel like I can come home to: easy-going and comfortable with fantastic food. Maybe someday I'll even order something other than my tofu mock muffin. But probably not. 

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