Monday, September 6, 2010

India Garden

This past Friday, I had a serious mulligatawny craving. To cure this craving, Alaina and I decided to try out India Garden, out on 125th and Center. Tucked away in the Westwood Plaza and out of view from the street, India Garden's exterior is surrounded by fountains and has a lovely interior. Our server was knowledgeable about what products did and did not contain animal products and I wound up with mulligatawny and aloo gobi.
The mulligatawny, while delicious, was a bit of a surprise. It had a definite potato flavor to it. I enjoyed, but it was not the soup I expected. I love potatoes though, so it wasn't a big deal and I ate all of it. Next time, I plan putting a big spoonful of their excellent rice in the soup.
The aloo gobi was also delicious and more than I could finish. It was spicy without being hot and wonderfully filling. The rice was exceptional. I rarely notice rice at any restaurant other than Chipotle (I love their cilantro-lime rice), so that says something. The aloo gobi also tasted fantastic as my breakfast the next day.
I would definitely go back to India Garden, especially since it's located right by the second run movie theater. If you find yourself craving Indian, and are out west, I recommend the neatly tucked away India Garden.

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