Friday, August 13, 2010

Thrift Finds, featuring the greatest teapot ever

My mom's birthday was this past Wednesday and she wanted to go antiquing/thrifting for her birthday. I love thrifting, so this was obviously more than fine by me. Although I didn't find a new (old?) pair of cowboy boots like I've been craving, I did find some pretty sweet treasures. Fantastic jewelry (including that rad cat charm and my new 'Deep in the heart of Texas' bracelet), and a multi-slicer, which promises nine equal slices at the same time, but the winner was the teapot. For only 50 cents, my tea time is now set in 1972 and matches my china set perfectly. Love.  For a close of of any of the above items, you can click on the picture and the internet will allow you to zoom in.


  1. i love those necklace charms, but the Texas bracelet is killer!!!

  2. What a steal on that teapot! I also really love all of those necklaces, especially the cat one!!