Monday, August 23, 2010

Dhaba Indian Cuisine

Recently, Vegan Omaha got together at Dhaba Indian Cuisine for one of their regular meet-ups. I was pretty psyched up about this meet-up because Dhaba offers an okra masala, and I am a sucker for okra. Therefore, I got an order of the okra masala for myself and shared a masala dosa as an appetizer.

The masala dosa was a beast of an appetizer. More than enough to share, it was packed with flavorful potato masala and came with two dipping sauces, with my favorite being the coconut chutney. I could definitely see myself ordering just this as a meal, but it would be quite a feat to finish it in one sitting.

My main course, the okra masala came out once we were done destroying the dosa. One thing I really liked about Dhaba was that I got the choice between naan or rice with my meal. I definitely prefer having the naan with my meal, so I loved that I didn't have to order it separately from my meal. As far as the meal itself, I really enjoyed it. It was spicy without too much heat and the okra was perfectly cooked. There was a sprinkling on cilantro on top, so haters should be sure to specify that they would like their dish without it.

Dhaba is definitely outside of my normal stomping grounds but there are definitely other items on the menu (such as the vegetarian samosas), so I may have to make another trip out west for some Dhaba.

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