Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ten things that make me happy: Portland/Seattle Edition

Continuing the list- here's 21-30, all in the Pacific Northwest.

1) Sweetpea Bakery: Again, if you're vegan, I shouldn't really need to explain this. I love Sweetpea and their delicious baked goods and their kick-patootie sandwiches and their amazing brunch. I spent six hours in a row there on a single day during my last trip.
2) Powell's Books: This is a bibliophile's mecca. The main store covers a city block and is four stories. I can easily spend hours in there and only hit a few rooms. One of my favorite rooms is the rare book room, which is located on the top floor and houses first editions and signed copies of rare books, classics and modern classics. If all of this is a little too overwhelming, Powell's has several other locations within the city, some smaller versions of Powell's, others specializing in a certain type of book. If you like books, go there, but proceed with caution.
3) House of Vintage: Ever since Fairmont Antiques closed (Omaha people, you know what I mean), I have missed the hodgepodge that you could find there. Portland (of course) has my antidote. A giant, giant building full of different vendors selling their wares. Note: the vendors are not actually present, even though I made it sound like they are. I scored a sweet Garfield tote bag, a lovely belt and two fab pairs of shoes, all for completely reasonable prices.
4) Slugs! Slugs slugs slugs! I love giant Portland slugs!
5) Copious amounts of bubble tea: Thank you, Fat Straw, for indulging me. I will always appreciate it.
6) Blush Beauty Bar: Located on swanky NW 23rd, this is basically a local version of Sephora. I credit this place for my discovery of Zoya nail polish.
7) Pogs! Pogs pogs pogs! Pogs for sale in Portland! Unfortunately, there were no slammers for sale, or I would have quite a collection right now.
8) Seattle Art Museum: I love the modern art collection here, and I always find something new here that I love. This time, my favorites were the Warhol portrait collection and the discovery of James Ensor.
9) Sci-Fi Museum and Hall of Fame: For someone who insisted on being called Leia (as in Princess Leia), this place is the motherload. Props and costumes from a plethora of sci-fi movies and tv shows, first edition books, the first science fiction fanzines and amazing displays, any fan of science fiction, even the casual one, needs to make a stop by this museum. Additionally, admission covers entrance into the Experience Music Project, which is like a smaller version of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
10) The scenery: I am not normally a fan of scenery, perhaps because a good chunk of the scenery I see is in Nebraska, the Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever witnessed. One of my favorite stops along the way is Snoqualmie Falls. Higher than Niagara Falls, you can hike all the way to the bottom for a gorgeous view.

Coming up: Pike Place Chowder (or chowdah, depending)


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