Friday, July 23, 2010

Boise: Vegan-friendly and I want to go back like crazy.

Prior to this June, I had been in Boise once before with the purpose of sleeping and leaving early the next morning to get to Portland. This last trip was similar, and I wish I would have been able to spend more time exploring the city, and am considering a trip to do just that. Thrift stores were prolific, and the people there were incredibly nice, even through a Midwestern girl's rose-colored glasses. However, I really want to go back to eat, with my main focuses being on the Boise Fry Company and the Boise Co-op.

The Boise Fry Company boasts that the "burgers are on the side" and while that may be technically true, they don't slouch in that area either. Upon entering the restaurant, you will be asked to specify what type of potato you want (russet, sweet potato, gold, etc.) and what type of cut (shoestring, curly, steak, etc.). Each batch is fried to order and can be dressed up with a variety of salts and sauces. I went for regular ketchup because the guys at the counter were pretty busy and I didn't want to interrogate them about sauce. I also sprayed down my fries with malt vinegar and covered them liberally with regular salt. I know I'm boring, but it was delicious.

The burger was also pretty fantastic. I was expecting a nuked Boca burger, but instead I got a fresh, house-made veggie burger based out of quinoa and black beans. It was sandwiched between two heavenly pieces of ciabatta bread and topped with lettuce, tomato and red onion gastrique. I would definitely hit this place up on a return trip to Boise.

Another place I loved in Boise was the Boise Co-op. With an enviable produce section, giant wine section and overall huge selection, I was flabbergasted that such a great little store existed in Boise. I stocked up on goods to eat on the trip home, such as It's Alive Dill Garlic Pate (pictured, on bread), Sweet and Sarah Rocky Road Bark and Kombucha. I also picked up an issue of Venuszine there, which was pretty rad. My one issue with the co-op was that they didn't have their vegan (or vegetarian) options labeled in their deli, so I had to skip that section because I (*cough* my dad....) was in a hurry. If they would have been labeled, I definitely would have partaken because it looked delicious.

In sum, Boise was a delightful little town, with a bustling downtown, a ridiculous amount of thrift stores, kind people and delicious food. Loved it. Want to go back.


  1. I lived in Boise for a summer in '97. The co-op existed then and I practically lived in it! It was the ONLY place to get vegan food and organic produce. Yeah for them!

  2. It's so big! I've been scheming on how to get back there...