Sunday, June 27, 2010

Portland Food: Here we go again!

I know. I'm spoiled by my recent travels. Here are some vegan delights on the opposite coast (the west one).Though my journey to Portland was all about seeing old friends and revisiting favorites, I did manage to squeeze in some new places.

One example of this was brunch at Tube. They had a vegan menu (think tofu scrambles and breakfast burritos), in addition to their full brunch menu. However, what set Tube apart for me was the fact that they had vegan "egg and cheese" sandwich, an homage to egg mcmuffin of my past. There was nothing really surprising or creative about this dish, with the exception of the American flags added to my meal, but getting two "egg and cheese" sandwiches and a healthy side of hash browns for $7 definitely made me happy. With prompt, friendly service, generous servings and hearty food, I would probably make this my brunch location of choice if I lived in Portland.

Another unusual aspect of my trip to Portland was trying to find restaurants that would please my meat eating father, and I think Laughing Planet would have fit the bill. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to test this theory with my dad, but I did get a chance to go there on my own and eat the Black Jack quesadilla. I was a little nervous about getting this because of a lack of fake cheese, but the black bean dip created a supremely creamy base for the veggies that filled this bad boy up, and when smothered with their house salsa verde, this was a champion in the world of quesadilla, vegan or not.

An additional aspect of Portland's food scene that I had previously left unexplored was food carts. My first experience with this impressive scene was a blueberry hand pie from Whiffies. Oh man. They have a separate fryer for vegan pies, and all choices, both sweet and savory, are marked on the menu. There's not much I can say about this place except that it is delicious, filling and that the owner is super nice. There are tables with tents in the immediate vicinity, so order a pie, sit down, relax and enjoy.

Coming up next: potluck brunch, Vita, Back to Eden bakery

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