Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sakura Bana

When it comes to going out for sushi in Omaha, my friends and I can narrow down our choices quickly and it always comes down to Matsu Sushi or Sakura Bana. What tips the scale in favor of Sakura Bana is when we want the carrot ginger dressing served with their side salad. I always start my meals there with a side salad topped with this outstanding dressing. I will even confess that sometimes I am gross and dip my avocado rolls in the leftover dressing. Delicious.

 While they don't have the selection of rolls that Matsu presents, they don't exactly slouch in that area either. On the platter pictured, we have an avocado roll, a yasai (veggie) roll, a kanpyo (cooked gourd) roll and a seaweed salad roll. There are a few other options, including inari. The sushi always tastes fresh and is rolled perfectly. One of my pet peeves is when sushi is rolled poorly, making it difficult to eat.

The final part of my meal at Sakura Bana always includes a sasadango. Sasadangos are made of mochi rice on the outside and sweet red bean paste on the inside. They come wrapped in a bamboo leaf and while they aren't much to look at, they are a delectable and rich way to finish your meal at Sakura Bana.

Aside from the food, Sakura Bana is a great place to enjoy a quiet meal. They start your meal out with hot towels and you have the option of sitting in a private tea room where you get to take your shoes off- great for a group!

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