Monday, June 4, 2012

Scooch over to Nooch!

Remember when vegan grocery stores were like unicorns? Mystical, magical creatures of glory that were never seen, but legend spoke of with reverence. Then, slowly but surely, the unicorns emerged from the depths of the forest and shared their beauty with the masses. Right now, a new unicorn is emerging from that forest and sharing its light with the world: Nooch Vegan Market. The brain child of Josh and Vanessa, Nooch seeks to offer Denverites a vegan haven in this crazy, crazy world. Every new vegan grocery store makes it that much easier for people to become, and stay, vegan, so in reality, every new vegan grocery store is a victory for veganism everywhere. In addition to being a rad vegan market, Nooch will not only support the vegan and animal rights movements, but also local, urban agriculture.

This is where you, the people, come in. Nooch is currently running a kickstarter to raise the funds to get started. You can pledge as little as one dollar and every one of them counts and you can find the kickstarter here. Won't it be so wonderful when, in the middle of your epic cross-country road trip, you are able to swing into an entirely vegan grocery store in Denver, Colorado and pick up all your vegan essentials (soy curls) and non-essentials (loads of chocolate), knowing that you helped fund it? Please take a look at the link and help propel Nooch the unicorn into reality.

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