Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tulsa is awesome: The Coffee House on Cherry Street

Last post on Tulsa and then back to my regular shenanigans! The Coffee House on Cherry Street was a semi-random late night stop when my fellow Hanson fans and I were in desperate need of caffeine. While they definitely had some delicious coffee, I was even more excited to see vegan baked goods. I opted for a pumpkin muffin over a cookie, and I was glad I did. My muffin-related kryptonite is a crumbly top and this one delivered in spades, with the addition of a moist interior. Overall, The Coffee House on Cherry Street was a perfect stop for some sugar, caffeine and some chatting, as the coffee house itself is full of cozy couches and chairs. Absolutely worth a stop for a muffin, coffee or conversation.