Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FÜD: The best nachos I've ever had

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my mom and I took a quick trip down to Kansas City and Lawrence. At the top of my list (and therefore our first stop) was FÜD, a new all-vegan restaurant where jackfruit is featured prominently on the menu.

  The meal started with a small order of fully loaded nachos. Yes, the nachos pictured would be the same small serving that I ate. It was amazing. Loaded with vegan cheese (I'm guessing a nutritional yeast sauce), sour cream, guacamole, salsa and jack phish, this behemoth was delicious and I would be completely satisfied ordering the large as a meal. This plate was definitely one of my top nacho plates of all time. 
My mom and I both ordered sandwiches with jackfruit- I got the jack reuben and she got the pulled jack reuben. Both sandwiches, despite being made with the same base ingredient, had distinct, delicious flavors and were most definitely filling. The pulled jack sandwich was a perfect example of classic barbecue made vegan, while the jack reuben was an excellent example of a twist on an old favorite. 
Even though we were both stuffed, my mom and I also split a chocolate shake for dessert. The ice cream was made with cashews and agave, and it was the perfect ending to a lovely meal.
I definitely recommend checking out FÜD if you are in the Kansas City area- not only was the food great but the service was attentive and pleasant without being overbearing, and the actual restaurant was adorable. I will definitely be stopping in for another serving of nachos. 


  1. Those truly are the greatest nachos ever. I never tried their sammiches, just the nachos & tacos. Most, if not all, of her cheese sauces are cashew-based, I believe.